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Rare Russian orthodox icon – Fruit of Christ’s Passion. Early XIX cent.


Rare Russian orthodox icon – The Mother of God “Hodegetria”. XVII cent.
Rare Russian orthodox icon
Rare Russian orthodox icon – All the church with You. Full Deesis Range. Style XVI cent.
Rare Russian orthodox icon

Product Code: 1002
Width: 151mm x Height: 210mm x Thick: 12mm

Fruit of Christ’s Passion. Description: In the central part of the icon is the blossoming cross with the crucified Christ. Above the top cross-beam are eight angels holding the instruments of the Passion of Christ. On either side of the cross are the sun, the moon and four flowing winds pictured as human faces. The clouds separate the cross from Mountainous Jerusalem, with the Lord Sabaoth and the Holy Spirit portrayed as a pigeon. From the top edge of the cross descends a head with a key opening the doors. On either side are two cartouches with verses. In the right bottom corner is the yawn of hell with Satan chained to the bottom part of the cross. In the upper part is the vengeful hand beating the Death portrayed as a skeleton sitting astride a horse. Symmetrically to those compositions, to the left of the cross is the scene of the resurrection of the dead and a temple symbolizing the Christian Church. Between the temple pillars stand Evengelists Luke, Mark, Matthew and John, above them is a hand holding a crown over the church. This Icon has been made by “RUSSKAJA IKONA ” – ART INC. Company produce Icons of different sizes and styles for Orthodox Churches and Monasteries in Eastern Europe. 100 % wood. The sizes are about : W - 5.90" , L -8.30" , 0.45" thick. (151 mm x 210 mm x 12 mm). Brand new and unused. Image on the icon is photocopy – printed in high quality. The icon is packed into transparent package CPP – 40 mic with a firm label.
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