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Faith necklace pendant – medallion with 3 images


Orthodox cross jewelry – Calvary cross
Orthodox cross jewelry
Saints cross – John Chrysostom, Gregory of Nazianzus, St. Nicholas
Saints cross

Item Code: 8303

Width: 24 mm x Height: 40 mm

Weight: 27.06 g

Metal: Ag 925, Au 999, 5 mk

The guardian angel and Golgotha, a symbolic image of the Crucifixion of Christ, consisting of a Cross on a dais and canonical signatures, are depicted on the two outer doors of the reliquary. Above is written “King of Glory” and titles of the name of Christ “IS XC”, on the right and left - the words “Son of God” and “Nika”, which means “won”, at the bottom is the abbreviation “MLRB” meaning “Frontal Paradise Place”. A prayer was written around Golgotha: “Lord, on the Cross, by will, stretched forth Thy hand, to this with the tenderness of the heart, bow down and give us honor.” Inside the faith necklace pendant are royal images of Christ and the Virgin. These are the icons of the Savior Almighty and the Mother of God of Tolga - the oldest icon of the Mother of God revered in the Tolgsky Yaroslavl Monastery. Around the image of Christ it is written: "Give, O Lord, to thy people your generosity, hear us from your holy heaven, sanctify us by the power of your saving hands, cover us with your wing of blood." The Tolg icon is surrounded by the words of the prayer: "Holy Mistress of Honest, Our God Mati, all the Creator who inexpressibly gave birth, pray always the Goodness of His passions save us and leave us daths of sins." Technique: Miniature relief, casting, gilding, blackening. Handwork. All products are consecrated on the particles of the relics of St. George the Victorious.
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