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Russian orthodox crosses for sale – Crucifixion of Christ and Blessed Mary

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Mens silver cross pendant – Orthodox cross
Mens silver cross pendant
Virgin Mary pendant
Virgin Mary pendant
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Product code: 8354
Width: 20 mm x Height: 45 mm
Weight: 17.30 g

The Crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ is depicted on the front side of the Reliquary. To the right of the Lord is the Mother of God and St. Mary of Cleopova, to the left is the Holy Apostle John and St. Longinus Sotnik. All these saints, along with the Mother of God, were at Calvary during the execution of the Savior. On the back side of the cross there are written lines from a prayer to the Honest Cross, read in spiritual and everyday dangers: “May God rise again, and scatter Him, and let them flee from His face, who hate Him. As smoke disappears, let them disappear; as the wax melts from the face of fire, so demons perish from the face of those who love God. " On the inner door of Russian orthodox crosses for sale is written a prayer read “in all sorrow of soul and condition” - an elephant from the prayer Canon to the Most Holy Theotokos: “Don’t entrust me with human representation, Most Holy Lady, but accept the prayer of Thy servant: sorrow will endure me, I can’t stand demonic shooting "I don’t cover the imam, below where I will come running a cursed one, we always win, and consolations are not the imam, except for you, the Lord of the world, hope and faithfulness of the faithful, do not despise my prayer, it is useful to do it.” Nearby on the inner wing there is an image of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God is a memory of the miracle that occurred in the Vlachner Church on October 1 (14), 910: the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared as a believer over the altar of the temple and spread her veil over them. On this day, the Mother of God revealed to people that She is the Intercessor for them before God. The Virgin Mary extends Her prayer cover over all Orthodox Christians and begs her Son to grant eternal salvation to every person.
1 review for Russian orthodox crosses for sale – Crucifixion of Christ and Blessed Mary
Aaron K. Alexander
2020-04-26 11:16:20
The front side is a masterpiece. So many symbols, and they are neat.
5 out of 5



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