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Star of bethlehem pendant – Blessed Virgin Mary


Virgin Mary pendant
Virgin Mary pendant
Blessed mother Mary necklace – Kazan Icon Mary with Jesus
Blessed mother Mary necklace

Product Code: 8864
Width: 28 mm x Height: 20 mm
Weight: 3.60 g

The miraculous Bethlehem icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located in the Basilica of the Nativity of Christ in Bethlehem. This icon is particularly distinctive in that the Blessed Virgin is depicted smiling on it, while traditionally in the iconography the Virgin is usually portrayed as serious, mournful, or touching. On the Bethlehem icon, the Blessed Virgin is depicted with the Infant Christ. In the left hand of the Divine Infant is a power, a symbol of royal authority, with the right, He blesses all worshipers before the image of His Most Holy Mother. The Mother of God points to the Savior as the Way of Life - in this sense, She is the Guidebook leading us to Christ, from sin to salvation. Already in our time, the Bethlehem icon has become famous for many miracles. According to the established tradition, in front of this icon they pray for the giving of children, for their well-being, and for family well-being. Yes, and in every need and any life circumstances, we turn with prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and no one is ever left by our Zealous Intercessor, Joy and Consolation of all people. The icon of the Bethlehem Mother of God is located above the entrance to the cave where the baby Jesus was born. The Nativity scene, conveying all the joy of Christmas night, is depicted on the back of Star of bethlehem pendant. Technique: Miniature relief, casting, gilding, blackening. Handwork. All products are consecrated on the particles of the relics of St. George the Victorious.
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