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Orthodox Prayer Book Gospel + Holy Psalter Set. Russian Language.Made in Monastery By Monks. Natural Black Leather Cover With Metal Corners. B242


Orthodox Book The Holy Psalter Russian Language. Made in Monastery By Nuns. Blessed. Natural Black Leather Cover With Metal Corners. Limited. B304
Orthodox Prayer Book Russian Language. Made in Monastery By Nuns. Blessed. Hard Cover. Limited Edition ( For Sale 1 Book ). B238

Product Code: B242.
There are 559 pages . Sizes are : 5.47″ x 3.7″ and 1.2″ thick .
138mm X 95mm X 32mm



When my mother-in-law was dying of from a serious illness , I, then just breaking the ground as a parishioner, went to the nearest church and asked the first clergyman I came across: how to pray for the sick woman? The priest advised me to read the Psalter. "Just the Psalter?” I asked. "Not “just the Psalter,” was the answer, “but the great Book of Psalms!" Then, and more than once since, I got a chance to see for myself the saving power of this truly great book being read as a prayer. My mother-in-law, who previously had not shown much zeal in spiritual life, was vouchsafed real repentance, communion, unction on her deathbed and peacefully passed away to the Lord before the time came for severe pain, which we had all feared so much. Since then, I have resorted to reading the Psalms in all sorrows, anxieties and doubts - and I have always got comfort and growing conviction in the power of the Psalms of David. The Psalter is one of the books of the Old Testament. Not a single divine service, not a single prayer rule of Orthodox Christians can do without reading and singing psalms or individual verses from them. Here we find many feelings and experiences familiar to us, together with the psalmist we find repentance and humility, we realize our unworthiness before the majesty of God, we thank the Creator for great mercies, finding hope for salvation and crying out to Him for help. The reading of the Psalter, like any real prayer, should not be formal, hasty or thoughtless. This is not just the pronunciation of words, but a special state of mind: plunging into these verses, a person is not just comforted, finding peace of mind, but one sometimes acquires something we actually live for, something we call grace. As you know, angels constantly stand before the Throne of God, singing to Him, invoking His Wonderful Names. When an Orthodox Christian opens the Psalter in prayer, he joins the angelic choir. And, living on earth, we are spiritually in Heaven. The Sleepless psalmody, held in monasteries, helps believers to overcome their sinful habits and addictions (drug addiction, alcoholism, fornication, adultery, addiction to gambling and computer games, and much more); to be healed of diseases, including fatal ones; to find a way out, make the right decision in difficult circumstances; to get protection from evil spirits and their influence. God bless you! Andcross International Orthodox Art Corporationhttps://www.andcross.ee
The presented package of collected Orthodox prayers, of the Holy Gospel and the Psalter, was made with special care by monks in a monastery. That is why each of the books not only contains factual information important for any Orthodox Christian, but renders a special energy of light and grace. They can make both a splendid acquisition for personal use, and an excellent meaningful gift for believers among relatives and friends. When creating the Prayer Book and the Gospel, special attention was paid to the aesthetics of their design. Their covers are made of carefully selected natural black leather. It is not only of a high decorative value, providing a pleasant tactile sensation when dealing with the book, but it is also durable and resistant to abrasion and other defects. Also, there are metal corners  responsible for better safety of the book cover and appearance. Reading these truly great books is the key to resolving spiritual disputes, it helps in difficult situations, strengthens the spirit and provides answers to many questions. They are a kind of spiritual guides, available to everyone, regardless of time and place. They become faithful and reliable companions in all sorrows, doubts and anxieties, helping to find solace and see where to go and what to do. Meaningful reading immerses the believer in a state of peace and tranquility, cleanses the mind and fills the soul with the very state of grace to which each of us strives consciously or unconsciously.
THE PACKAGE IS AVAILABLE IN OUR STORES - Orthodox Art Corporation Andcross
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