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Silver angel pendant


Sterling silver Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker pendant.
Mens sterling silver crucifix – orthodox

Product code: 102.632
Production: Small plastic, Sculpture,, Casting, Gilding, Blackening, Handmade
Materials: Sterling silver, Cubic zirconia
Dimensions: 2.9×1.05×0.9 sm
Average weight: 2.50 gram

In the Russian Empire of the XVIII century, miniature silver pendants with the image or in the form of a small Angel became especially popular as a gift. They symbolize the Guardian Angel — one or another Defender is assigned to each person.

Image of the Guardian Angel

Angels could be seen, for example, in such places:
  • temples;
  • Christmas icons;
  • pendants
Usually these lovely creatures, called to help a person, floating around Jesus Christ, holding in their hands the traditional attribute of the Guardian-the Cross of Christ. Above them, you can see the Christmas Star, decorated with a stone. The Angel himself symbolized purity and closeness to God, so most often the gifts’ recipients were children and young girls. It is believed that the main task of an Angel is to protect a person from negative influences and to save his immortal soul. Of course, in order for the protection to work, you need to sincerely and heartily believe in it. Skeptics, who call it the placebo effect, still prove that this setup works. Indeed, many things are inexplicable even to those who have studied physics all their lives — and there were really religious people among them. How can we not recall the statement of the Danish physicist Hans Oersted, "Every profound study of nature ends with the recognition of the existence of God." And it is true – the study of the foundations of the universe ultimately leads to the understanding that it could not do without higher forces.

Amulet of sincere faith

During the entire time we are on Earth, an Angel follows us, sincerely caring for us and our inner harmony. In difficult moments, he protects us in a special way, covering us with his wings — it is only important to ask for help (and, of course, to thank his Defender). A pendant with a Guardian Angel is a welcome gift to anyone who sincerely believes in the existence of higher powers. Such a pendant increases the capabilities of the Defender assigned to the person since it is something more than just an ornament — it is the help of powerful forces. In the amulet, the material and spiritual field touch in a bizarre way, twisting in smooth lines that symbolize this unity. People receive such a gift with special reverence — because they understand how powerful forces control the spiritual sphere, which borders on the material world and is connected to it in an amulet, as if in a dance of soaring angels.
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