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Sterling Silver Cross Icon of the Mother of God “Reigning” Seven saints


Icon of the Mother of God Quick to Hear (Skoroposlushnitsa)
The cross is a Crucifixion. Valaam Icon of the Mother of God

Product code: 101.515
Average weight: 35.8 g
Materials: Sterling silver
Dimensions: 5,2 х3,1х0,5 cm
Sculpture, casting, blackening. Handmade.

A large men's cross is framed with prayers. The Holy Cross Prayer is inscribed on the front part, the Prayer to Most Holy Theotokos – on the back part. The presence of the Mother of God and the Savior on opposite sides of the cross is traditional for Orthodox crosses. The saints are also arranged according to this division.

Sterling Silver Cross

The crucifix itself is located in the central part. The closest disciples of Jesus surround it. These are the Apostles Peter, Paul, and Andrew. Icon “Trinity” is depicted above the head of the Savior. The Trinity, from above, blesses the Savior for the torment of atonement for human sins. Jesus ascends on the cross above the world, granting salvation, eternal life, and protection. The prayer is written all around. Our Lady Derzhavnaya icon occupies the central part on the reverse side of the product. The Mother of God is the Queen of Heaven and Earth. She is depicted sitting on a throne. The Son of God is sitting on her lap. She holds the symbols of the state in her hands – the scepter and the globus cruciger. There is a crown on the head of the Mother of God. The clouds and God giving the blessing are depicted above her. The saints, which are a symbol of Orthodox power in the state, are depicted around the icon: Saint George, the snake-fighter, his image is also used on the coat of arms of Russia, Alexander Nevsky, who valiantly defended Kievan Rus' from enemies throughout his life, Boris and Gleb, the sons of Vladimir who was the Baptist of Russia, they stopped the blood feud between the princes. The image of the Miraculous Our Lady “Derzhavnaya” (“Sovereign”) was found on the day when Emperor Nicholas II abdicated the throne. These events happened on the same day. The Russian Orthodox people took them as a sign that it was the Holy Mother of God who had the royal power and became the trustee of all of Kievan Rus' since then. The prayer dedicated to the Most Holy Theotokos is written around the icon.
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