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Holy Trinity Icon. Silver-Plated Orthodox Icon. The Holy Trinity (Andrei Rublev) Orthodox Icon handmade. B395



Holy Trinity Icon Handmade Christian Wooden Orthodox Icon Silver Plated 999 Silver, Gift case, Rare Post Cards Set 12 of Russian Icons. B401
Holy Trinity Icon Handmade Christian Wooden Orthodox Icon Silver Plated 999 Silver
Holy Trinity (Andrei Rublev). The Holy Trinity. Silver-Plated Orthodox Icon handmade. B396
Holy Trinity (Andrei Rublev). The Holy Trinity. Silver-Plated Orthodox Icon handmade. B396|Guardian Angel

Product Code: B395.
Materials: wood, 999 silver plating
Size in inches: 5.12 x 7.1
Size in cm: 13 x 18

Title: Holy Trinity Icon | Silver-Plated Orthodox Icon | The Holy Trinity (Andrei Rublev) Key features: handmade, coloured silver plating, consecrated Materials: wood, 999 silver plating Size in inches: 5.12 x 7.1 Size in cm: 13 x 18 Description: 1 HOLY TRINITY ICON (ANDREI RUBLEV VERSION) + GIFT BOX BRAND-NEW AND UNUSED Every believer knows about the famous Orthodox icon The Holy Trinity written by Andrei Rublev almost 600 years ago. It’s probably one of the best achievements of Russian icon painting in history, and it possesses truly infinite power. And now everyone has a chance to get a quality copy of this masterpiece created by the skilled hands of talented masters. A consecrated icon covered with a coloured silver plating can be a thoughtful gift for a brother in faith, relative, or family member.

Although the motif may look simple, there are many meanings in this depiction of God. As we know, Our Lord exists in three “Hypostases” – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And this icon is a symbolic depiction of this integrity. There’s no mention of what figure (angel) stands for what hypostasis, and thus, the viewer can understand that they are inseparable and consubstantial.

The angels look exactly the same, which explains the whole idea of the Trinity. The only difference is the background behind each of them: a house, a tree, and a mountain. Angels are sitting around the table, and there is a free place where any devoted Christian can “sit”, join the Almighty, and address Him with his requests. This “empty seat” is a symbol of an invitation for each of us. It means that every person can find his place next to God.

Although the Holy Trinity is known across the globe, this sacred image is not as popular as the icons of Christ or the Virgin Mary. However, it can be found in many churches and homes of believers. Even the mighty Tsar of all Russia Ivan the Terrible personally said prayers in front of the original icon. Nowadays, sincere prayer in front of this icon helps to improve health, get divine assistance in a complicated situation, or find consolation after a loss. [MATERIALS AND MANUFACTURE] This is the exact copy of the famous icon by Andrei Rublev. It was created by independent Orthodox artisans who work with prayer and love for God. In the production, only quality and natural materials are used – wood and silver. The icon is already consecrated and can be used upon receiving it without taking it to the church.

The team of Andcross Art Store expresses its sincere gratitude for shopping with us. Your support has tremendous value for artisans and the Orthodox Church in general. [SHIPPING DETAILS] Shipping is possible to any country. All our goods are dispatched from Estonia (EU). You can choose between standard delivery (5-20 business days) and express delivery. We invite everyone to discover more about our mission and work. Send us a message with your questions, and our team will get back to you with answers. ANDCROSS ORTHODOX WORKSHOP-STORE Holy Trinity Icon | Handmade (5.12 x 7.1 inches) 13 x 18 cm Wooden Orthodox Icon | 999 Silver Key features: handmade, consecrated Materials: wood, 999 silver plating Description: 1 ANDREI RUBLEV’S TRINITY ICON + GIFT BOX BRAND-NEW AND UNUSED The Holy Trinity is one of the most prominent works of Russian icon painting. For generations, the Trinity has been a complicated theme to depict, and Andrei Rublev’s masterpiece portrays Triune God in a simple but meaningful way. The sacred image is sometimes referred to as the Old Testament Trinity and serves as a source of inspiration for modern icon painters. This copy is made by talented Orthodox masters who don’t start working until they pray. The object absorbed the spiritual strength of its creators and can become a wonderful gift for yourself or your loved ones. The image of the Trinity will be a nice addition to a home icon corner, protecting its owner from sinful thoughts and helping him to lead a life of a true Christian. Fervent prayer in front of this icon purifies the soul of a believer, helps to get rid of worries, fears, and anxieties, and allows us to find peace and hope. By sharing your sincere thoughts and telling about your sins in front of this icon, a person as if talks to the Lord Himself. The icon shows us three individuals (in the form of angels), which appeared to Abraham at the Oak of Mamre. These angels are sitting around a table. A tree is depicted behind the middle figure, a mountain – behind the right angel, and chambers – behind the left one. The heads of the Angels are slightly lowered as they are in the middle of a silent conversation or prayer. Their faces are the same – as if there’s one angel depicted three times. But each of them is God, and these figures show His triune nature. A depiction of the Trinity as three identical figures remains rare in Christian art, and it invites all believers to acknowledge that The Trinity is One. [MATERIALS AND MANUFACTURE] This product was manufactured with great care and love for God. We offer only the products created by believers and religious people, thus, making sure that the spiritual value of any item is beyond any doubts. The icon is already consecrated and can be placed in your icon corner upon receiving. Natural wood and 999 silver were used for making this product. Durability is guaranteed. Thank you for shopping in Andcross Art Store. On behalf of masters and the Orthodox Church, we express our sincere gratitude for your support. [PRODUCT DETAILS] Size in inches: 5.12 x 7.1 Size in cm: 13 x 18 [SHIPPING DETAILS] All items are shipped from Estonia and can be delivered to any country via standard or express delivery. The approximate time of standard delivery is 5-20 business days. The team of Andcross Art Store is open to questions and proposals. If you want to learn more about our mission and work, feel free to send us a message.
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