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Orthodox Book of Psalms Made In Monastery By Nuns, The Pocket Size Psalter in Russian, Handmade, natural leather, paper box, Blessed. B437



Orthodox Book Of Psalms, Russian Language, Natural Black Leather Hard Cover, Made in Monastery By Nuns, Blessed, Handmade. B444
Orthodox Book Of Psalms
The Holy Gospel, Book Of Psalm, Canons And Akathist, Rule for Holy Communion, Russian Language, Orthodox Book, (For Sale 1 Red Book). B438
The Holy Gospel

Product code: B437
Highlights: handmade, hardcover, consecrated
Materials: natural leather, paper box

Title: Orthodox Book of Psalms | Made In Monastery By Nuns | The Pocket Size Psalter in Russian | Handmade leather Orthodox Book Highlights: handmade, hardcover, consecrated Materials: natural leather, paper box Description: 1 BOOK OF PSALMS IN RUSSIAN LANGUAGE + BOX. ITEM IS BRAND-NEW AND UNUSED. POCKET VERSION. The Book of Psalms contains ancient prayers that were composed by King David and other authors. The creators of these prayers had a special connection with Our Heavenly Father. The words they wrote praise Our Lord and serve as an example of sincere and fervent prayer. Some believers think that psalms are meant to be read only in the house of God. However, they are also suitable for home prayer. This handmade Book of Psalms can help you become closer to the Almighty and understand the meaning of church services better. The Book of Psalms includes all types of prayers: for repentance for sins, requests in various needs, dealing with hardships of our life and sending gratitude to God, and many others. The words are still relevant for any modern person as they guide us to the righteous life and bring the spiritual fruits of peace, mercy, love, joy, goodness, meekness, and abstinence. This item was handmade by nuns living in a monastery and consecrated. It contains not only ancient wisdom but also high spiritual value. Through the work of King David, God Himself gave us a perfect model of prayer. “This is how you should address Me, repent of your sins, ask for something, and glorify Your Creator”. The Book of Psalms has an incredible power – it softens even the most rigid hearts, protects us from temptations, and shows us the way to God. A pocket version of the Book of Psalms is a great gift for a loved one! It will stay in its initial condition for a long time, despite frequent use. Reading a consecrated book, you feel close to the church because it’s not a usual item. This is a product created with pure intentions for Christians and it conveys the spiritual strength of the nuns who made it. [MATERIALS AND PRODUCTION] This product is handmade by nuns living in a monastery. It was made with the blessing and prayer for Orthodox believers. This item is not just some mass-production, it’s a rare and unique piece that conveys the spiritual strength of its creators. The cover is crafted from leather, which protects the product from wear and tear. Even when using it daily, you can enjoy the ideal state of the item. By purchasing this Book of Psalms, you support the work of Orthodox craftsmen and the mission of the church. [DIMENSIONS] 4.25 x 3 x 1 inches (11 x 7.6 x 2.5 cm) This book was published in 2010 and contains 511 pages. Please, note that the product is available in Russian language only. [SHIPPING & DELIVERY] Dispatches from Estonia (delivery will take about 5-20 days). We deliver worldwide. If you’re interested in express delivery options, send us a message with a request. The Andcross Orthodox Art Corporation reads all incoming messages and answers to everyone.
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