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Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel, his place is between archangels. Archangel Gabriel, who is he?

Archangels are supreme angels. Creatures who, according to the Bible, live in Heaven and are close to God. Angels are also considered the army of the Lord that is supposed to protect people. That’s why they say that each person has a guardian angel. And above these angels are Archangels each of whom has their name and mission. Archangel Gabriel is one of them.

Meaning of the name

Archangel Gabriel is considered a blessed messenger, and in the Scripture, he is called the protector of the chosen people. Gabriel’s name is translated as “God’s Power”. In Kabala, he is acknowledged as the teacher of the patriarch Joseph, and in Islam – as the sponsor of Muhammad. It’s Gabriel that Muhammad got his knowledge from, and then he was moved to Heaven.

The Archangel is often depicted as a young man with a jasper mirror and a torch in his hands. The torch is used to light the way for the souls of the dead, and the mirror reflects good and bad deeds of people.

Gabriel represents the fact that the ways of God are past finding out, often unclear, but are learned with time and through hard work and studying. And it’s also important to listen to the voice of conscience. It’s in the Mirror that those who deserve it will later see the mysteries of God and the saving of humanity.

Acts of Gabriel

Acts of Gabriel are called miracles. In his honor, a stone, on which he wrote a song for the Blessed Virgin Mary was erected by appearing to one of the Athos monks, on Mount Athos back in the 9th century. One of the monastic cells near Karyaes is still there. Worshippers come to this cell. Its name is “Axion estin”.

Gabriel would often appear to the biblical characters. For example, he came to Moses when he was herding his cattle. It’s to Moses that Gabriel told about how the world was created. Then Moses captured the words of the Archangel in the Book of Genesis. Prophets of the Testament often told people about the future, whereas Moses talked about the past.

Archangel brought Daniel the news about the occurrence of the Savior in the future. Saint Anna gave birth to her daughter, who later became the Mother of Jesus, at the behest of Gabriel. He came to Mary a lot of times during her stay at the Temple of Jerusalem.

Zechariah was rendered mute for not believing in the Appearance of John the Precursor. And then Gabriel came to Mary again. He told her that she would conceive in her womb for she had found favor with God. Gabriel told Mary how she should name her son. He also told her who her son would become.

Gabriel would come to Joseph, Mary’s husband when he would start doubting himself, his wife, and his son. He would console him and tell him that his wife is innocent and his son was conceived immaculately. Gabriel accompanied Jesus through his whole life, and before his execution, he came to strengthen the faith of the Son of God during his ordeals.

The myrrh-bearing women who came to bury Jesus on the morning after the execution saw Gabriel. He told them to convey the good news about the resurrection of Jesus to his disciples. There are a lot of miracles associated with Gabriel’s name that even common people spoke about.

Today, Gabriel is acknowledged as a helper in difficult times and in taking decisions. That’s why people who cannot make up their minds bring candles and pray to him.

As Gabriel helped Anna conceive a child, men and women who dream of having a child ask the Archangel to give them one.

If a person feels that they’re confused, they pray that Gabriel sets their lost soul on the right path. Gabriel brings light and happiness. That’s why people turn to him when depressed or weary. After a person dies, their close ones ask Gabriel to carry the soul of the deceased to the Mercy Seat.