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Can I buy crosses as a gift?

Pectoral cross woocommerce-1100519-3855873.cloudwaysapps.com/shop Since ancient times it has been considered a good gift timed to a special event in a person’s life. In contrast, the usual gift – it is always the desire of God’s blessing. Even if a person already has a cross, you can give him another. Religious persons, for example, decided to give crosses, reliquaries and icons. As a gift any canonical cross can fit both men and women. If the buyer is looking for a special cross for baptism or another holiday, hurry to dissuade him: believers always wear crosses, no matter what day it is: holiday or everyday.

Buying a cross for himself, a person should be guided only by personal taste and choose what he will have for his heart. Many people like, for example, when icons of revered saints are placed on the cross, some like it, when the cross is at the same time a reliquary, to someone closer are simple and concise forms.

A good gift for friends and relatives is the small icon. This may be the image of the patron saint of a person chosen by name given in baptism, or an icon of the Mother of God. Kazan, Tikhvin and Vladimir icons are especially honored by the Orthodox. These images are addressed with a prayer for loved ones, asking for protection in their personal lives, help in business and health promotion. And of course, they are worn as protection from the action of dark forces. Many saints are the advocates and assistants of man, especially revered by the Great Martyr. George the Victorious, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, of sv. Ksenia Blissful and others.