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How to choose a jewelry chain

How to choose a jewelry chain

How to choose a jewelry chain, and is it an accessory or a luxury item after all?

If you have ever been to a jewelry store, then you just could not help but pay attention to the large variety of goods, among which there are jewelry chains. This, in fact, is a unique accessory, as it can serve as a great complement to the necklace, or the pendant. Unarguably, such piece of jewelry could adorn the neck of any woman, of course, if you selected the right jewel. At this point, the question arises on the matter of the fitting jewelry chain types.

Emphasis on choosing, what is necessary to know?

It may happen that a young lady would feel lost in the jewelry shop surrounded by indescribable beauty around her. If the purpose of the visit is to acquire a necklace, then it is better to get to know in general which types of necklace chains exist.

In terms of the metal from which it is produced, a problem is unlikely to arise. Usually, the choice is limited exclusively to silver or gold. However, each material has its own characteristics. If we talk about gold, then it may depend on the type of purity of gold, which indicates the amount of precious metal in its composition. That is one of the characteristics according to which types of chains differ from each other.

How not to present a male jewelry to a woman?

Despite the spread of the feminist and equality movement throughout the modern world, jewelry is still differentiating on male and female types. It is important to understand that in this case everything depends on the weaving in which the jewel is made. Particularly this feature is forming neck chain styles.

Three main weaving techniques inherent in female jewelry are traditionally distinguished, among them are:

  1. Perlina;
  2. Singapore;
  3. Love.

However, it does not restrict the variety of possible executions of this jewelry. Types of gold chains depend on the weaving style and can be performed in below mentioned variants:

  1. Bismarck is one of the most expensive types, as it is usually performed manually. Due to its name, we can conclude that this style is called after Chancellor Otto von Bismarck.
  2. Shell — the main feature of this design is the arrangement of links in the same plane, the so-called shell effect is created when all the elements get adjoined to each other.
  3. Anchor — in this case, the peculiarity of weaving is that it resembles a chain that holds the anchor on the sea and river vessels.
  4. Nonna — perhaps it’s the most controversial name among all. Despite the female name, jewelry with this method of connection is most often worn by men.

Gold chain styles also depend on which chain is used at the core. It can be either an integral option or a hollow one. Here you need to understand that a hollow thread looks more solid and expensive, but in fact that’s not exactly true. The weight of such jewelry is usually fewer, and, consequently, its cost is much lower as well.

What is the optimal length of a necklace?

Chain styles may also vary based on its length. In turn, the length affects the price of the jewel. Here are the options:

  1. 40 cm;
  2. 45 cm;
  3. 50 cm;
  4. 55 cm;
  5. 60 cm.

Thus, everyone has the opportunity to choose the most suitable for them necklace chain styles. The shortest option suits best a woman, who wants to attract attention. The jewelry of this length is always visible despite cleavage style of a dress or blouse. And the largest length is most suitable for men.

Well, the final step in the choice of jewelry is the different chain links. Here you have to be as careful as possible in order to make the right choice. A good lock should be comfortable and, at the same time, durable. The most reasonable option would be a round or a carbine lock.