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Icons of St Nicholas the Wonderworker – why people revere this Saint

Icon of St Nicholas the Wonderworker: description and significance

The image of Saint Nicholas has a special significance for all Christians. He is one of the most venerated holy men in all denominations. His images, statues, and frescoes can be found in almost every church. And many believers buy the icons of St Nicholas the Wonderworker and place them near the images of God, the Virgin Mary, and the Holy Trinity.

During his lifetime, Nicholas was a generous and helping person. He donated his family wealth to the poor and choose to live a simple life. According to legends, the saint has performed numerous miracles during his time on earth, that is why he got the name “Wonderworker”.

Relics of St Nicholas are highly valued by all Christians. Even his icons are believed to be miraculous. People pray in front of them and ask the saint to help them in their needs.

How the Saint is depicted

All images of the saint on contemporary icons are based on the ancient depictions of this holy man. And the very first versions of his images are believed to be very close to his actual appearance. Usually, it’s easy to recognize Saint Nicholas in the church. He is depicted as gray-haired old man with a silver beard.

One of the most distinguishing features of the saint is the unusually high forehead. People who see his image for the first time note the deep and wise look of the holy man. The whole posture of St Nicholas radiates harmony and peace.

There exist several depictions of the saint: waist-length or full-length and with different details on the background. He is always dressed in the attire typical for Orthodox bishops (called omophorion). In his left hand, he holds the Holy Scriptures, and his right hand is lifted in blessing. This gesture stands for the patronage of people in need.

The images of St Nicholas possess miraculous power. After sincerely praying in front his icons, faithful people find solutions to their problems.

Who needs St Nicholas’s protection and help

To understand the extraordinary power of this holy man, we need to turn to multiple stories and legends about his life and deeds. There are many of them: the saint bringing the murdered boys back to life, calming seas, helping the poor, and providing food during a severe famine. In general, we may say that he helps faithful Christians in trouble.

An icon of St Nicholas the Wonderworker will be a great gift for every believer, despite his age, profession, or gender. He is the patron saint of children, sailors, travelers (especially those who make sea voyages), students, businessmen, merchants, unfairly accused people, and maidens who want to find a proper spouse.

In our time, the saint performs his miraculous deeds. Faithful people share their stories of how St Nicholas assisted them in finding a new job, happily marrying, getting rid of illnesses, preventing car accidents, and many other situations.

Saint Nicholas is also revered in Islam. Although his images cannot be found in Muslim homes and houses of worship, people still address this saint in their deepest and most desperate needs.

An icon of St Nicholas the Wonderworker at home

St Nicholas is one of the most honored saints in Christianity. When people go to the church and don’t know who they turn to, they pray to him. And he always helps.

Buying an icon of St Nicolas the Wonderworker for your house is a great idea. We don’t always have the opportunity to go to church but frequently need the protection of the divine power. Praying to the Saint can heal from diseases, raise a healthy child, and get the patronage of one of the most revered saints in everything you do.

Some people buy small and simple icons to hang above the entrance door – thus, the saint will protect everyone who enters and leaves the house. Having an image of Saint Nicholas in the car will grant a driver and his passengers a safe journey. Beautiful silver icons made in the church workshop may become a family heirloom and passed from one generation to another.

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