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Lord’s Prayer. What is it and does it need to be prayed by a believing Christian?

Lord’s Prayer. What is it and does it need to be prayed by a believing Christian?

In order to understand what it is, you should refer to the Sacred Texts. According to the scriptures, this prayer is the prayer that Jesus has taught his faithful disciples. He’s given an exact formulation and the way one should pray to God, the words that should be pronounced, and what should be the purpose of it. The text can be found in the Gospel. There are people who do not know how to read this prayer correctly and people who give this prayer special importance.
It is important to note that the words that a Christian says during prayer, their sequence and whether they add up to verses are not that important. What is important is what the soul says – the true motives, the true faith of a person. And those words (they may not be the most eloquent thoughts but real and sincere words) will help to connect with God and convey your message to him. First of all, prayer is a revelation, a story about the most secret, intimate, and important things every person has to say to God. It is important to be honest here. It is important to open your soul and heart and let God in, instead of reading a memorized text (this makes no sense because God will immediately see hypocritical and insincere words).
Prayers should be a reflection of your soul, your true state, and your true faith. It is impossible to hear a sincere prayer from a non-believing person. Share everything that worries you, and open your soul without hesitation (you can even cry during your prayer). A Christian who believes in his words and in God will be worthy of his attention.
What does this prayer give?
This prayer can serve as a model for how to pray. You can find various words, the structure of the phrase, or other helpful things if there is almost no experience. For example, you should always address God when you start a prayer, say some words that praise him and wish him well, and so on. Here you need to fully understand why you turn to God because you should not pray for the sake of praying. The goal of praying can be a request, gratitude, or praise. Do not forget about the proper conclusion, you must make God get into your position and convince him to pay attention to you and help you.
In conclusion, we can say that the Lord’s Prayer, which was presented by Jesus Christ for his disciples, is nothing more than a perfect example of how to address God. You can call it the general model (or general principles for reading a prayer). Do not forget that God does not need you to memorize the text but he wants to hear only sincere words that will reflect your faith and the principles of the Christian life. Open your soul to him and tell him about your most secret thoughts (or about your sins because your sincerity is especially necessary for forgiveness). Open up to God and he will hear you.