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Orthodox jewelry history and modernity

From historical times to our time, the tradition to wear all kinds of jewelry on the face and body has been preserved. From the very beginning, it was perceived as special charms that are able to protect us from all sorts of evil, including the atrocities of the devil among the Orthodox.
The very first decoration that a child receives when he takes the side of the Orthodox Church is a cross on his neck, as a symbol of baptism and attitude towards the Orthodox Church. This is the very first gift to us from our parents. Now he will protect us from evil throughout our lives.
In ancient times, only rich and noble people could afford jewelry, as the work of a jeweler was valued very expensive, and the metal itself is important. Since that time, little has changed, jewelers are also valued, and precious metals are becoming more and more expensive every year, but this does not make Orthodox jewelry less popular. Every self-respecting parent is obliged to donate a treasured cross for the baptism of his son or daughter.
In ancient times and at the time of the baptism of Russia, it was fashionable to wear things of a religious nature. These must be things of really precious metals, and in addition to this, they are also consecrated in the church building. It could be gold pendants in the form of Easter eggs or the icon of the Mother of God. It is believed that these decorations were not only fashionable squeaks, but also a kind of talisman from diseases and bad weather. Only rich people could afford such a decoration.
Another excellent decoration was considered to be precious rings of a religious nature. Usually such jewelry was made of silver and gold with a lot of precious stones. It was from those times to the present day that the fashion for Orthodox jewelry came to be. Now the art of jewelers is observing its peak of development and therefore all types of jewelery are at a level better in quality as compared to historical ones.

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