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Recovery By Praying At Home

Believers know that God can help a person recover even if modern medicine is powerless. You can hear numerous stories in any church when there’s a miraculous icon. Or when there’s a holy spring on its territory. Parishioners pray, kiss icons, bathe in springs, and miracles happen. The blind begin to see, the deaf begin to hear, and the weak gain strength. The main thing is to sincerely believe that the Almighty will help.

This is why millions of believers travel to holy sites, make pilgrimages, or just attend services in churches. At the same time, it’s possible to heal your body and soul at home. Again, the main condition is to have a strong faith deep inside your heart. And where there is faith, there should be its symbols.

First of all, these are icons. Images of Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity, the Virgin Mary, saints, and the Guardian Angel help to communicate with them. They allow you to distract from everyday life and focus on prayer. Standing in front of the icon, you can ask for mercy and health. There are some saints who often help to recover. For example, Saint Nicholas healed many people, pacified demons, and even resurrected the dead during his earthly life. Christians believe that this great saint still does the same. There are icons in some churches that are considered miraculous. But the homes of the Orthodox are also full of sacred images that have significant value for the family that keeps them. One icon was used for baptizing, the other was given by parents during a marriage blessing or another important event, and the third was inherited from a grandmother.

Praying to the icons, the believer eventually comes to the conclusion that it’s important to do it correctly, according to the Orthodox tradition. To do this, one should have religious books at home. For example, the prayer book contains texts that have been competently compiled and not changed for hundreds of years. There are prayers for different situations, including the ones that help to recover and improve health. In general, reading any Orthodox literature and understanding it gives a person mental and physical strength, pacifies, and decreases passions.

The sound of the ringing bell has a truly bracing effect on a person. Even scientists who tend to believe only facts have repeatedly confirmed this theory in their works at different times. They say that these are special vibrations that do the healing. And among other things, they also destroy harmful bacteria and viruses. Of course, it’s better to listen to the bell chime in the church. But you can also get a table church bell for home. In fact, it’s exactly the same as we see on the bell tower but smaller.

The symbol of faith, which is the same in church and at home, is a light of a church candle. It contains the mystery of faith, humility, and strength at the same time. Candles are lit during prayer. People do it in the church and near icons at home. With a candle, both thoughts and prayers become purer. Or you can simply light it when you need to detach yourself from the bustle around you and have a private conversation with God.

Of course, every Orthodox should wear a cross consecrated in a church. It protects its owner from evil influence every day, even if a person doesn’t have a chance to pray in a church or anywhere else. Can the cross help in strengthening health and fighting against disorders? Yes, it can! This is why it’s called live-giving.

Another way to receive daily protection and salvation is to wear a ring on your finger. But just any fancy ring. The ring should be made according to the Christian tradition and consecrated in a church. Such rings have inscriptions inside or outside, for example, “God, have mercy”. To some extent, a person who wears such a ring unconsciously asks for the mercy of the Almighty all the time.

All items mentioned above can be purchased in a church or ordered online. The website of Andcross Corporation offers a large selection of Christian items. This is the online store of the Orthodox Art Corporation, which works with workshops and individual craftsmen from around the world.

All products are of high quality. Many of them are made from precious metals – gold and silver. Icons, crosses, pendants, and rings contain the elements of these metals. The bindings of books – the Gospel Book, Book of Akathists, prayer books, and book of Psalms – are made of noble thick leather, often with metal inserts. Candles are made from natural beeswax.

Many items from this online store are made in Orthodox monasteries. Regardless of the country of production, all items are consecrated according to the Orthodox tradition.

Handmade products made of precious metals with the finest engraving can be considered real works of Christian art. With careful treatment, they can stay the same beautiful and serve for many decades.

You can contact the Andcross International Orthodox Art Corporation by mail at store@andcross.eu, the contacts on the website, or place an order in the online store.

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