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Saint Michael the archangel prayer

Saint Michael the archangel prayer

Quite a few Orthodox believers are familiar with the world of angels. The main reason for ignorance is the limited information about these celestial creatures. Angels appeared long before humanity. They are spiritual beings who represent the following basic features: will, power, mind and personality.

These creatures are not visible with a human eye. They are sent to the people by God. Sometimes they bring the message to the person about a human’s destiny and the whole world. And one of the main archangels is St. Michael. In ancient writings, he was considered as a leader, a Prince of the army of the Lord, as he was the main fighter against evil. That’s why saint Michael prayer is so powerful.

What can you ask St. Michael for?

Archangel as well as fighting evil forces helps people in misfortunes and troubles. Every believer who addresses to an angel is sure to be heard through archangel Michael prayer. They pray to him because he is a reliable defender from the evil for every Orthodox Christian who believes.

Prayer to St Michael is important when people want to get assistance in these spheres of life:

  1. Everyday issues;
  2. About treatment;
  3. Help on a long journey;
  4. Troubles and misery;
  5. Protection from the evil forces.

If a person wants to get help from the archangel, he uses the st Michael prayer. Saint Michael will help believers perform miracles in their lives. Prayer to Saint Michael will help a student or schoolchild pass the exam successfully. If you need to do this, just read St Michael’s prayer. Even if you are going on a long journey, or if you are often away from home on duty or a business trip – read it before your journey to ask him for protection and luck. Archangel often helps people prevent various kinds of misfortunes in their lives. If your prayer is sincere, the angel will surely support you in any situation, even in a very difficult one. The most powerful is the prayer that is read on the day of Archangel Michael-September 19.

How to address the archangel?

Today, a lot of young modern people live far from the Church. They have their own separate faith. Such people remember the existence of higher powers only when some misfortune has already happened. They do not pay attention to the fact that before this, their life was filled with deceit, theft, laziness. This position is far from correct. Remember that before filling your heart with good divine energy, you need to get rid of the bad one through the prayer of St Michael. Otherwise, there may be exacerbations. To do this, you need: ask for forgiveness from all the people you have offended; stop criticizing people; do not take drugs or other psychotropic substances; remove swearing from your conversations.

The angel always helps anxious, confused people who cannot find a certain position in life. Also, the guardian can strengthen your faith, remove all worries and fears, especially those that torment your soul. There are prayers in which the reader asks to give him courage, strength, endurance, to get rid of selfish and arrogant motives to achieve the desired goal. If you read St Michael the Archangel prayer from your sincere heart, he will not ignore you. You will definitely feel it on the physical level when this warm energy passes through your body. If you need reliable protection, read the Saint Michael the archangel prayer for protection.

Among all the believers, this prayer is widespread and most of them read it when they are in low spirits. St Michael prayer can solve the problems and help to find the right way of the decision or the choice.