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The fear of God. How is it transformed into wisdom?

The fear of God. How is it transformed into wisdom?

The idea that the fear of the Lord can transform into wisdom appears in Proverbs 9:10. Then, the knowledge of something, which turns into understanding God, appears. This extract perfectly explains the idea of true wisdom. Only the real fear of the Lord can lead a sinful person to real knowledge. It means that all other forms of realization are quite useless if they are not related to the fear of God. Before understanding this idea, one needs to find the meaning of the word “fear” in the Bible.
This word has several meanings in the Bible. Foremost, it is the feeling that a human being experiences in a certain situation. This explanation is given in Deuteronomy 2:25. Another idea describes it as a relationship between a master and a slave. A slave is always afraid of the master, and he constantly serves God. Besides, feeling the presence of God’s greatness can be interpreted as awe. In fact, the fear of God comprises all these interpretations.
The idea of fearing God can be interpreted as the constant realization of the Supreme always keeping an eye on us. He follows us our entire lives and evaluates all our actions. This can be compared with the words of Jesus Christ, who said that he knew all the things people did. Nothing can slip his attention.
If anybody wants to work on this feeling, he must make a confession. It includes accepting God without questioning. We must see the power, might, beauty, and marvel of the Supreme with our souls. All the people who ever experienced fear of God keep in mind the idea of his existence. They have great awe, and they tend to obey him at any time.
Proverbs 1:7 explain to us that foolish people can’t experience fear of God. It is explained like this: they despise wisdom, and only this quality is the fear itself. This phrase explains that there is a remarkable difference between the two kinds of lives. One can live a wise life, the other can live a shallow life. A wise man is permanently afraid of God, he always serves him. A fool always neglects God. A fool can’t follow any advice on what to do. A wise man remains the same his entire life because he has some wisdom in him. A fool has none, so he can’t be transformed into a wise person as his soul is empty.
One can’t become wise if he denies God. This is impossible. Even Romans 1:21-22 prove it. It is written there that one can’t become a wise man if he doesn’t praise the Supreme. Even with the best intentions, a fool remains the same as he has a shallow mind. Nothing can be achieved if you keep ignoring the Supreme as it is the basis of wisdom.
The connection between God and wisdom simply means that a sinful person can gain wisdom if he creates his personal image of God. Lots of people have a desire to turn God into a nobody. In this situation, God doesn’t threaten anybody. If we aren’t afraid of God, we can’t become wise. For most people, God exists only to bless. It is a convenient way to live when everything is acceptable. In this case, people are not afraid of the Supreme. The greatness of God starts when we are really afraid of him. He is powerful, he can do everything, and any person must understand it. He has endless power.
We obtain wisdom when we kneel down in worship. This is a situation when we are open to God, and we are afraid. Wisdom implies looking at everything as God could have looked at it. Besides, he could have reacted in a certain way, so a person should do the same. Wisdom is always a priority, and one should always look for it. One can find this idea in Proverbs as this book is considered to be wise. The whole book is devoted to the search for wisdom and the ways to obtain it.
We won’t be able to achieve “wisdom from the heavens” if we have a misunderstanding with God. A person must live as he is fully connected with God. Undoubtedly, we can do lots of things on earth, and we can make any choice. The only problem is that this is all done without wisdom. There is one thing missing here: it is something that defines a person as wise. One parable tells the story of a famous farmer who wanted to make a fortune. His plan seemed to be quite wise but God told him that he was a fool. The main problem with the plan was that it was created without any slightest idea of God.
If we don’t have a real fear of God, we won’t be able to make lots of decisions. They are all based on our daily experience. When we feel the fear of God, we make these decisions the other way. We make them only with God’s approval. We keep on living, understanding that God is here. He keeps His watchful eye on us. He evaluates every step of our lives.
The respect for greatness leads us to honor the Supreme. We are always thankful to God as he has mercy for us. We must clearly understand that there exist a God of love and a God of fear at the same time. He frightens us to keep us far from evil. When we live according to religious traditions, it leads us to wisdom.