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The Icon Of St Matrona of Moscow. Buy The Consecrated Replica Of The Wonder-working Image

The Icon of St Matrona of Moscow and its history

It takes years and centuries to be canonized, although the life and deeds of some people make them worth the title of a saint. The original icon of St Matrona of Moscow was painted only 23 years ago (in 1999) but it’s deeply venerated by many Orthodox in Russia, Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria.

Since birth, Matrona was gifted with prophetic and healing powers. Her own life was tough but she always found the strength and bravery to help other people in their needs. Despite the problems with her physical health (the girl was born blind and became paralyzed at the age of 17), she always believed in God and even made several pilgrim trips to the holy sites.

After the Russian Revolution, Matrona had to leave her home and move to Moscow, where she secretly stayed in the houses of fellow Christians. During these years, many people came to see her and ask for her help with their troubles. It’s said that she was accepting up to 40 visitors every day until her last breath in 1952.

Her place of burial became a pilgrimage site for many Orthodox believers, although Matrona wasn’t declared a saint yet. The Russian Orthodox Church canonized her 50 years after her death – at the beginning of the 21st century. This is when the first icons were created.

The miracles of Saint Matrona

According to her contemporaries, Matrona was widely known as a prophet and healer. She predicted major events in the history of the Soviet Union and the lives of ordinary people. There’s a legend that Stalin himself visited Matrona and asked for her advice. It happened when German troops reached the outskirts of Moscow during World War II. Despite this story being just a beautiful fable, it only proves how important Matrona’s influence was.

The saint’s main miracles are related to healing. And some of the cases were truly hopeless. Thus, there’s a story about a man who was able to move only in a wheelchair. Matrona invited him to visit her but said he must use his own legs to reach her. The man believed the wise prophet and literally crawled to her threshold. Needless to say that he walked out of Matrona’s house without any effort or pain.

Now that the saint is no longer with us, we can still rely on spiritual wisdom and help. Through sincere prayer in front of the icon of the Blessed Matrona of Moscow, we can deal with numerous difficulties. Her image is quite popular in Eastern Orthodoxy, that’s why there are many copies of her original icon. And everyone can purchase for himself!

About this product

On the icons, Matrona is always painted as an elderly woman with her eyes closed. Such an image is a perfect reflection of her actual looks. This is a unique depiction since all other saints are portrayed with their eyes open.

People often turn to the saint and ask for forgiveness and spiritual wisdom. It’s also believed that the icon of St Matrona of Moscow can help in:

  • finding a worthy spouse;
  • saving a family and building healthy relationships;
  • healing from physical and mental pain;
  • solving financial problems;
  • protecting people from evil.

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https://andcross.eu The size of the item: 5.12” (width) x 7.10” (length) – or 13 x 18 cm. The image is a precise copy of the original icon. The painting is covered with 999 fine silver plating.

Buy the icon of St Matrona of Moscow

In our lives, we can’t deal with all our troubles. That’s why we ask the Higher Powers to be our guiding light in the moment of darkness and despair. When you have the sacred images at home, it’s easy to turn to the saint with any request.

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