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What is the role of the archangel Uriel in human life?

Archangel Uriel

Before responding to this question, it is necessary to find out who is archangel Uriel? If we request the interpretation of the name Uriel, which comes from the Ancient Greek, then it will be translated as “God is light.” Actually, he is known just like the others in Christian culture. Recently, the archangel Uriel is often mentioned towards the esotericism.

What is known about the Uriel?

Among the most famous facts about the archangel Uriel, mentions the following:
1. He is strict in relation to the judgments on God;
2. He serves as a creative inspiration;
3. He is considered one of the main archangels in Judaism and Christianity.
If you have seen his image earlier, then you pay attention that the archangel Uriel color is red. There is a fire in his hands, which symbolizes a jealousy attitude towards God. By the way, the interpretation of the image was not always unambiguous since he was often portrayed as both male and female.

What to ask Uriel?

Actually, any person who believes in God can ask him for help. However, it is important to remember that he will help somebody if the archangel is responsible for this sphere. It’s necessary to say that the archangel Uriel symbol is education. Those people who devote their lives to the science and study can ask him for help. Pupils, students, teachers can count on his help by contacting through prayer.

What is Archangel Uriel meaning?

Firstly, he patronizes everyone who is involved in science and education. It means that pupils, students, teachers and scientists can ask Uriel for help in studying, teaching and they always be heard. In addition, he also helps creative people to find inspiration. Secondly, Uriel is considered one of the defenders of Russia.

Uriel’s serial number in the hierarchy

To begin with that there is a certain hierarchy of saints in Christianity. Believers revere 7 archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Selaphiel, Yehudil, and Barahiel. All of them differ from each other in their purpose and occupy a certain place in the hierarchy. By the way, the strongest and most important is Mikhail. But what is the archangel Uriel number in this hierarchy? Uriel is mentioned fourth in the scriptures, taking a middle position in this hierarchy. On the one hand, he is the faith defender: God has placed him to protect the gates of paradise. On the other hand, he brings “light” and teaching to people. Moreover, he warns and protects them from different troubles and natural disasters.

The Uriel Sigils

Everybody knows that each Saint has its personal sigils and icon. As for the Archangel Uriel sigils, they are the sword (means protection of faith) and the flame (means education).
Despite of Christianity extends to Russia, Europe, and North America, there are no any mentions of Uriel among the all saints of North America. In most cases, representatives of Christianity in America revere their canonized priests or other saints.
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No wonder, religious motives, saints’ faces, angels, etc. are often used by tattoo artists to decorate the human body. Officially, Archangel Uriel tattoo is quite popular among people. Some people get tattoo with sigils, others with archangel face, or even with biblical stories.
To cut long story short, everything depends on the person’s fantasy and desire. Wonderfully, that if a person gets a tattoo with Uriel in the heart area, it speaks of a great loss and worries. It’s like the believer just asks for protection and peace in such a difficult period in his or her life.