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About Us

The International Orthodox Corporation «Andija» has united Orthodox masters’ commonages of church art and pilgrimage centres. These centres are located in Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Israel, Georgia, and Russia. Corporation is interested in the special forms of missionary: development and popularisation of Orthodox icon paintings, jewelry products, and church utensil. Andija has experience in work with clients from America for about 15 years.

We are trying to introduce the idea of orthodox Christianity into the world. The purpose is to attract the mind to kindness, love, light in the world.

ANDIJA.COM is a store from Corporation «Andija», which exists in two variations: an online Internet and an offline store located in Tallinn (Estonia). The store has been operating since 2005. Research has been ongoing since its inception. We carefully study unusual novelties that appear on the market of orthodox products (icons). Also, we are engaged in establishing contacts with talented individuals and with companies that are engaged in the production of objects of art on religious subjects.

Our goal is to provide the work of the best Orthodox jewelers and icon painters. We want to make it available to people all around the world.

Our mission is to provide the whole world with the history of a bright Orthodox culture. Another mission is to make this story accessible and understandable to everyone. Another purpose is to arouse interest in the history of the Russian Orthodox Church. Church art deserves to be represented in its entire splendor where everyone can find what will be the closest to his soul (perhaps everyone will find his piece in this art form).

If you have any questions, then our employees will immediately answer them (they will explain all unclear points or perhaps even dispel any doubts). We are always ready not only to answer questions, but we are also ready to help with a choice. We are ready to tell you more about the catalog, which includes an array of gifts for every taste.

Another important area of our activity is in cooperation with the pilgrimage center. This center is located in Tallinn. When we visit holy places, we admire the place and also gain new people with whom our thoughts and ideas have something in common. We are really grateful to such like-minded people.

Our masters create various products presented in the catalog. They differ due to their talent, due to their character and unusual mentality. Their life can be called «service», because all life is subordinated to one business that they have chosen. It takes place in a long work, where prayers are present. They develop the ability to go back to history, which has been affected since ancient times (for example, the history of Orthodoxy, the history of iconography, the history of Christian symbolism). They learn new technologies through the mastery of history.

Creating a new model from the collection is not so easy, because its implementation requires a lot of work, preparation is important too. Various historical sources are explored during preparation. Creative search also plays a big role. Its search ultimately creates something that harmoniously combines and supplements art.

Jewelers, icon painters strive to create works that will be as close as possible to the aesthetics of the 21st century. It is possible to maintain observance of church traditions. Cooperation with representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church will give the best picture.

Traditional as well as the latest technologies are constantly updated and improved. For example, most of the models from the catalog are made in a new unique technique. The technique is called «Bimetal Casting». Such technique appropriates to the Orthodox theme and designed for a long service life. Objects created from bimetallic cast (rings, crosses …) will be preserved with care and will be passed on from generation to generation.

We treat all orders for the production of unique jewelry, icons with great attention, observing all the wishes of the customer. In addition, we select the master whose skills (both creative and technical) are best suited for the implementation of the future work in a single copy.

For wholesale buyers, we have special offers and conditions for cooperation. If you have any questions or want to discuss specific topics, please contact us.

The International Orthodox Corporation «Andija»