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About Us

The meaning of art in our lives cannot be overestimated. Art objects, whether they are books, paintings, jewellery, or music are able to convey a powerful message to the next generations and can be equally appreciated by people of different cultures, nations, and ages. Art speaks to the human soul and its beauty depends on the skill and talent of its creator. And we can even say that every artist projects his soul into his work.

The International Orthodox Corporation Andcross brings together independent Orthodox artisans, unions of modern religious artists, and pilgrim centres of Estonia, Latvia, Israel, Greece, Georgia, Russia, and Italy. The main goal and strategy of the organization is to promote Orthodox Art across the world and make religious art objects accessible to everyone.

Through our work, we contribute to the global goal of Christianity – to spread of ideas and teachings of Christ and bring more kindness, love, and light into the world and everyday life.

Since 1999, we give believers the unique opportunity to access outstanding and meaningful Orthodox art objects created with love and prayer by Christian artisans. We constantly search for new Christian goods produced by talented craftsmen, monasteries, and companies and display them in an online shop of our corporation. You can discover the selection of goods on https://andija.com/.

We carefully select every craftsman or company we work with. We value our customers and partner only with talented and hard-working artisans, whose life is devoted to the creation of quality religious objects. Every craftsman begins working with prayer and fills his creation with pure thoughts and unshaken faith. You can feel the spiritual strength of the item crafted by such an artist.

Every day, we connect Orthodox believers living in different corners of the globe with skilled craftsmen and artists. No matter where our customers live, they can enjoy rare and quality goods made by their brothers in faith.

Our purpose is to share the depths of Orthodox culture with the world, improve the position of the Orthodox Church, and give every person the chance to enjoy the beauty of Orthodox art.

If you have any questions and don’t know where to start, we will be happy to provide any assistance, regarding our goods: contact us and we can help you choose the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one and answer your questions about sizes, shapes, materials, and durability.

Another significant area of our work is the Pilgrim Center in Tallinn https://www.andcross.ee

It’s a demanding project but it makes pilgrim trips to holy sites accessible to a wider audience and fills the souls of the participants with God’s blessing, peace, and grace. Visiting monasteries, ancient temples, churches, and other sacred places allows people to literally touch the history of Christianity. Attending church services and communicating with brothers in faith and clergy leaves an imprint on a person’s soul. In general, pilgrimage elevates the spirit of a believer, enriches his spiritual experience, strengthens his faith, and provides answers to multiple questions.

Today, there’s a small Art workshop working on the basis of Andcross Center. It makes church utensils, icons, kiota, foldings.

If you want to purchase goods in large quantities, contact us for discussing special terms of cooperation.

For any type of question, use this email address to contact our representatives store@andcross.ee.

We are constantly looking for new companies and independent craftsmen to work with. Do you produce or sell Orthodox art objects or goods and are interested in cooperation? Contact us to discuss the terms of a mutually beneficial partnership.

Buyers receive discounts according to the geographical area of their location.
15% – Estonia
10% – Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Italy,Spain,Germany, Great Britain, France, Hungary, Holland
5% – United States of America, Australia, Canada, Liechtenstein, Israel, Japan, Georgia, India
Discount – 10% on the second product in the order