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All saints of North America – How orthodox religion reached NA

all saints of north america

How did the Orthodox religion reach North America?

Many people wonder how Orthodoxy and North America can be connected. In order to answer this question, you need to look back in historical events of a certain period. More precisely, we have to move to the middle of the XVIII century. This is a transitional period for the spread of religion in North America.
It began with Alaska, which was sold to the US a century later. However, looking back in the development of Orthodoxy history, it is important to mention the Reverend Herman. In spite of certain difficulties and obstacles in the local population educating, just he managed to lay the Orthodoxy foundations in Alaska. It is thanks to Herman that we can talk about all saints of North America Orthodox Church.

The most revered religious persons in North America

One of the most famous and the latter representative on the list is St. Mardarius. He was the most famous since he was canonized as one of the latter. This event happened in 2015.
His appearance in the US was dated 1917, when he was sent to serve as head of the Serbian spiritual mission.
But let’s look at the earliest representatives of the Orthodox Church in the US. One of the first ascetics was Juvenal, who was called Jacob Govorukhin over the world. What is more, he was one of those who took part in the local population baptism in Alaska.
Alexy Tovt was a bright Orthodox Church representative at the end of the 19th century. He began his ministry in Minneapolis. And he was elevated to the rank of saint in 1994.
This is not all the canonized North America saints. Take or leave it, they have made the greatest contribution to the religious development in the United States. Among other figures distinguish:
1. Holy Martyr Alexander Khotovitsky
2. Saint Tikhon of Moscow
3. Holy Martyr Basil Martysh
4. Rev. Brendan of Clonfert, Herman of Alaska
5. St. Innocent of Alaska; John of Shanghai and San Francisco and several others

Holy places of North America

Among the most revered places, the Orthodox distinguish the monastery of all saints of North America. This holy place is located in Canada in British Columbia. By the way, it was founded in 1973. Today the monastery abbot is Hagumen Lazar. Currently, there is one worship per month in Church Slavonic.
In any case, not only this place is a tourist Mecca for believers. There is another town in the United States, which is famous for its large churches and temples concentration. Of course, we are talking about Albuquerque. You’re absolutely right, the famous city where the series “Breaking Bad» episodes were shot, so that’s why it’s popularity increased. But why are religious people so eager to get there? The answer is quite simple. Some of the most favorable conditions for various religious denominations have been created here.It’s necessary to mention that all the saints of North America in Albuquerque revere one place that stands out from the rest. It means the Orthodox Church of all the saints of North America. Currently, the church’s Pastor is Nikolai Miletkov, and George Sondegaard is the priest. Factually, it was founded in 1993. Nowadays, it is the Orthodoxy center in Albuquerque. Orthodoxy has been developing in these territories since the 18th century. Who would ever have thought, but the church’s Pastors had to fight for their rights and defend their views. Fortunately, the modern picture is different, nobody stopping to be a representative of a particular denomination, due to which there is a combination of different religions in the world.