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Icon of St Spyridon

Among Orthodox Christians, Spyridon, Bishop of Trimythous is considered one of the most revered saints. He is one of those patrons who help in everyday life. People turn their prayers to him when they need help in dealing with daily difficulties related to work, house, or finances.

Spyridon spent his earthly life on the island of Cyprus. He lived in the 3rd century. Back then, he already had the ability to treat the sick and fight evil forces. He eased physical pain and exorcised demons, helping people come back to their normal lives. Moreover, people addressed him when they had trouble with money, and he selflessly helped without demanding anything in return. 2,000 years later, people still pray to the saint in the hope to improve their financial situation.

The doors of his house were always open for travelers and the poor. Spyridon gave them shelter and food, despite being a poor shepherd himself. Since he helped many with lodging, modern people also ask for his guidance when buying or selling property. This saint helps honest entrepreneurs in business and increases their income earned by honest work.

The unemployed also feel the protection of the saint. He helps to find a job they like and get a good salary. Praying to Spyridon, one can get more than finding a new job. For example, you can achieve better results in the company you currently work for, find mutual understanding with your boss and colleagues, improve skills, and reach a new level.

For these good deeds, the Lord rewarded the shepherd from Cyprus with the most powerful gift. Spyridon had the power to resurrect the dead. Thus, one day he resurrected the baby girl. The mother of the baby passed away from shock and disbelief but the saint resurrected her as well.

Another amazing miracle is the story about crossing a tumultuous river. It tells how Spyridon hurried to aid an innocent man who has been arrested and sentenced to death. When Spyridon read the prayer and the waters parted, allowing the saint to walk on a dry bottom, the judge realized his mistake and released the prisoner.

And when there was a drought on the island, which led to famine, Spyridon, having become the Bishop of Trimythous by that time, made the long-coveted rain appear and save the crops with his prayer.

When Spyridon left the world of people during a fervent prayer. He knew his time on earth was over in advance.

Today, the relics of Saint Spyridon, Bishop of Trimythous are kept in a church in the city of Kerkyra on the Greek island of Corfu. Although being almost 2,000 years old, they are imperishable. And the body temperature is the same as that of a living person. Many other miracles occur that strengthen the faith of believers.

For example, clergymen have to change the saint’s clothes and shoes from time to time because they wear out. As if Spyridon keeps wandering as he did during his lifetime. And the reliquary where the relics rest sometimes doesn’t open, despite the efforts. The clergymen suggest that the saint may be absent – he’s still wandering and helping people.

There are modern testimonies as well. People share stories of how Saint Spyridon, Bishop of Trimythous helped them after silent prayer. After all, to receive the help of the Lord and the saints, we need to have sincere faith first. But according to Orthodox tradition, it’s better to say prayers near icons.

Therefore, it’s recommended for every believer to have an icon of St Spyridon at home and work. Especially if there are health problems or misunderstandings among family members, and a person wants to solve these difficulties, using the power of prayer.

You can buy an icon of St Spyridon on the website. The item is handcrafted and made of precious metals: gold and silver. The technology of PVD coating was used to create it. The Orthodox artisans made it with warmth and prayer. The item is delivered in a gift box.

You can order an icon of St Spyridon on the website or by contacting the company via email store@andcross.eu

An icon made of precious metals may become a family heirloom. Such a valuable piece will serve for hundreds of years, especially if you take care of it. Moreover, gold and silver are valuable metals regardless of the way they are used.

You can buy a precious icon for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. Any believer will be happy to receive such a gift. Even a non-religious person can be happy to get it. The icon can also be considered a work of art due to its high artistic value.

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