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The Icon of the Holy Trinity

In God, there is no division. Using this knowledge, Christianity for centuries defeated paganism, in which anything could be recognized as a god.

The Son of God, Jesus Christ, is also God himself. The Holy Spirit also represents God in the Holy Trinity. However, there is no contradiction here. Even though God is one, He appears in three forms.

We shouldn’t try to measure the Almighty by earthly standards. His presence can be found everywhere. Despite being one, he is also three persons at once. Not every person can understand intangible things. No matter what, you must believe in the Lord. Mercy will follow logically.

In explaining the trinity of God, St. John of Damascus compared it to fire and light. It is possible to call them different words, but they are the same thing. There is no separation between light and fire since it comes from the fire and remains within it. Consequently, the Son was born from the Father without being separated from Him.

“The Trinity existed before the ages, not having received existence from the beginning; it is eternal, ageless, immortal, infinite, non-increasing, indestructible …” wrote John Chrysostom.

As early as the New Testament, the Holy Trinity was understood in its current form. But the Trinity of God was mentioned even in the Old Testament.

The same holds true for images of the Trinity. So, at the dawn of Christianity, three husbands appeared to Abraham and were usually written down or laid out in a mosaic. They are most often shown standing upright. As time passed, the icons increasingly depicted three husbands sitting at the table. They can be served by Abraham alone or by his wife, Sarah.

A great master of icon painting, Andrei Rublev, created the image of the Holy Trinity that exists today. An icon he painted in the 15th century depicted three angels sitting at a table with a bowl. Icon painters have taken this image as their model ever since.

Father and Holy Spirit are very conditional images of God, which must be understood. With their own eyes, people could only see God – the Son. During Jesus Christ’s baptism, the Holy Spirit appeared in the form of a dove.

It is common for people to pray before the Holy Trinity on the eve of significant life events. Their passage and their end are dependent on God’s mercy. It pays to ask Him for help in advance when it comes to substantial matters.

We can find hope in difficult life situations by praying to the Trinity. There are times when prayer helps a person find his way out when he seems to have no way out, even if he appears to be doomed. In God’s will, an insoluble problem is resolved. This strengthens a Christian’s faith, and the faithful believer should pray even more to thank the Lord for his help. 

It is common for people to pray for forgiveness or confession in front of the Trinity icon. Ultimately, a person seeks the Lord’s forgiveness. It is, therefore, most appropriate to repent of sins before the image of the Trinity.

By keeping the icon of the Trinity at home, we can be assured that housing and family will be protected. Obviously, righteous behavior is fundamental. There is more to an icon than just a decorative element in the corner. The presence of an Orthodox icon makes it possible to mentally tune in to God, thus encouraging more reflection on a person’s actions and the soul.

The Holy Trinity can be turned to for any reason as long as your thoughts are pure and sincere. The will of God determines every important event around us.

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One of the icons was painted and consecrated at the Holy Dormition Monastery in Pskov-Caves. The author uses a unique technique for applying the image. The coating materials are tempera, varnish, and drying oil.

It is possible to make icons using gold or silver. As a result, these products are beautiful and last longer than icons painted on wood alone.

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