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The cross is the symbol of faith, which only can be presented as a gift. This is a good gift for a loved one on a grandiose holiday. Maybe it’s just a gift without any reason. If you decide to buy a gold cross, then our store is one of the most favorable offers for you. Here you can find a pectoral cross that will match:

  • Size;
  • Form;
  • Design;
  • Cost;
  • All your preferences.

Types of pectoral crosses

Usually, such jewelry is created with the image of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. They can be decorated with the faces of saints or with various ornate lines and patterns.

There are many types of decorations. Yet, crosses carry a special meaning and significance for Orthodox people. This is not just a decoration. This is a valuable thing that personifies faith and religious affiliation. So, this will be the most valuable and meaningful gift that you can make for your loved one.

There are canonical forms of crosses:

  • Four-pointed;
  • Six-pointed;
  • Eight-pointed (with a semicircle at the bottom).
  • Each line has its own deep symbolic meaning.

Crosses for women and men

Orthodox gold crosses for men and women for the 21st century are different from each other. For example, jewelry with diamonds is mainly created for women. Men prefer classics without betraying their traditions. Despite some statistics emerging, each person may have specific tastes.
For men we suggest: Men’s spiritual jewelry – crucifix and Mens gold crucifix pendant with silver.

We have taken into account these features and provide any jewelry to your taste in our store. They are made by artisans who know how to create a unique creation from ordinary metal.

The online store gives you the opportunity to choose jewelry without a time limit. Peer at the work, carefully consider the options and place an order. Remember that the cross is the thing that will always be with you. In ancient Russia, baths even had wooden products of this shape. They were put on in the steam room instead of their own.