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The Icon Of Our Lady of Vladimir. Buy The Consecrated Replica Of The Byzantine Image

The Icon of Our Lady of Vladimir and its origin

Sacred images are an inseparable part of Orthodoxy. They are called “windows into heaven”, and some icons helped not only individuals but the entire nation. Among the most beloved and revered symbols in the Eastern Church is the icon of Our Lady of Vladimir.

The original painting is nowadays kept in a small church in the heart of Moscow. According to historians, it can be traced back to the early 12th century. The icon is not just the miraculous depiction of Theotokos with the Child but also a piece of Byzantine art. The artist who created the painting remains unknown.

The icon depicts the Divine Child being tenderly held by his mother Mary. He embraces Theotokos with his both arms and looks at her trustfully. The eyes of the Virgin Mary are fixed on the viewer – you can see strength, love, tenderness, wisdom, and compassion in them. Thanks to countless miracles, the sacred image quickly became the symbol of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Miraculous character of the holy image

Since its arrival in Vladimir, the icon has become the national palladium of the Rus. It is mentioned in numerous chronicles. Subsequently, the image began to play a prominent role in the history of the country. It defended the lands during invasions, wars, epidemics, and famine.

At all times, the Virgin of Vladimir was greatly venerated by nobility and took part in the major events of the state. The image has seen the coronations of great monarchs, was taken to the besieged cities and into battles and was even used in important ceremonies of the country. The sacred image has 3 feast days that are associated with specific miracles (when the icon was brought into the battle and thousands of people prayed to it in collective prayer).

There exist thousands of replicas of the icon of Our Lady of Vladimir. It can be found in almost every Orthodox church and home’s religious corners of devout Christians. Each copy received a bit of the miraculous power of the original and can help individuals in their hour of need.

Information about the item

The love and care of the Mother of God are endless, and they are enough to help everyone on this earth. Sincere and fervent prayer will never be unheard or unanswered. The presence of the consecrated image can help you focus on your thoughts and become closer to the Almighty.

It’s possible to turn to the Virgin of Vladimir with any request or problem:

  • Protection of the family;
  • Reconciling with loved ones;
  • Getting back to the right path if you feel like you’ve lost;
  • Forgiveness of the sins;
  • Clarity of mind and the ability to make the right decisions;
  • Healing and conceiving a baby.

For God, it doesn’t really matter what kind of icon you use. However, having handmade artwork created by skilled artisans at home is way better than purchasing a cheap item with short durability.

You can buy a beautiful reproduction of Vladimir Mother of God in the Andcross online store. 

https://andcross.eu  The size of the item: 5.12” (width) x 7.10” (length) – or 13 x 18 cm. The image is covered with 999 fine silver and has a stable wooden stand at the back.

Buy the icon of Our Lady of Vladimir

Every believer has at least one icon at home. Through the sacred images, we can connect with the Heavenly Powers and ask for help. Through them, we learn to exercise and improve our faith. When purchasing good quality work at religious shops, you get a consecrated image that will never fade and stay in your family for generations.

You can also buy the icon of Our Lady of Vladimir as a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. At Andcross, we carefully wrap every item and pack it into a beautiful gift box. The exquisite quality of materials and fast delivery from Europe are guaranteed! Place an order today to welcome the blessing or the Mother of God into your heart and home.

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