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Orthodox prayer rope

Andija store has in stock a variety of Orthodox jewelry that you may need. Prayer ropes, for example, are also available in our store. In other words, a prayer rope is a loop that is made up of complex knots.

This attribute is made of high-quality natural material. You can use for a long time and not worry about its rapid wear. Our craftsmen approach jewelry making with great responsibility. We can say that they put their soul into the creation of the product. This is not just a piece of jewelry that will look beautiful on your body. It is a sacred attribute that protects and preserves you.
You can buy different types of praer ropes in our store , for example: Orthodox rosary – Jet stone and Orthodox prayer beads – Handmade Wool beads.

Description of the amulets

As we mentioned above, our prayer ropes are created only from natural materials. For example, our collection includes a beautiful Christian Orthodox rosary — Chotki. This was delivered to us with a blessing at the monastery. The jewelry is made of natural stone, which looks beautiful. The color of the product is black. This is hand-made by the monks of the monastery. There is nothing better than handmade. Machine tools can certainly do their job well too. Despite this obvious fact, human hands are the most important and high-quality tool.

Correct use

  1. The prayer rope is traditionally wrapped around the left wrist. In the Orthodox tradition, the ladder path lies on the index finger;
  2. With the thumb, going over step by step, the number of prayers is counted;
  3. The score is kept by moving the ladder with the thumb, step by step.

Perhaps some rules have been changed, but the most important are mentioned above. If we rely on the Orthodox Serbs, then they have their vision. They reckon 33 knotty prayer ropes should be worn on the left. While praying, they hold the thumb. The 33 isn’t a random number. This number is like a symbol of the age of Jesus Christ when he was martyred.