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St. Jude Thaddaeus history and facts

st jude thaddeus

Who worships St. Jude?

All around the world, the name Jude is synonymous to the word betrayal. As according to the Bible, it was exactly Jude who betrayed Jesus Christ. However, it is not a widely known fact that Iscariot was not the only student of Jesus Christ. Jude of James, the Apostle was not only a follower of Christ’s teaching, but it is also believed that he was a Jesus’s sibling brother.

St. Jude Origins

Saint Thaddaeus was a son of Saint Joseph and was of a noble origin, as his bloodline goes to the King David of Israel and Judah himself. His name is derived from the name of James the Just. Jude picked this name because he considered himself unworthy to be the brother of the Lord. As many others, he did not believe in the divine origin of Jesus Christ and did not recognize his powers and the link to God. When Saint Joseph returned from Egypt to Israel, his children started to carve up these lands between each other. The rights of Christ on these lands were not recognized by his brothers, because he was immaculately conceived; hence, he did not share the same bloodline and was not considered as their brother. St Jude was the only one successor, who acknowledged Jesus and divided with him their lands. After some time, he believed in the divine origin of Jesus Christ and became one of his disciples. St Jude still could not deal with the fact that once, Jesus Christ, as well as his brothers, pursued his self-interest. Therefore, Jude claimed that he cannot be considered as a brother of God and decided to change his name.

There’s another Jude also mentioned in the Bible. So, in order to avoid confusion, St Jude was referred to as St Jude Thaddeus, which means one who praises.

In the aftermath of the horrible Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Thaddeus went into pilgrimage around different countries in order to spread Jesus’ teaching. He visited Judea, Edom, Galilee, Samaria, Syria, Mesopotamia and Arabia.

During his pilgrimage, Thaddeus visited Persia where he conveyed the Epistle of James (which is mentioned in the Bible). This small Epistle (one chapter) tells about the existence of good and evil angels, how the soul of every person stands the Final Judgment, and opens the secret of teaching about the Holy Trinity. Thaddeus in his Epistle tries to show the people the right way of life: to pray, to love and care about people around and not to back down on your faith. He was instigating people to commit good and just deeds, and to follow the commandments in order to have a pure soul.

Thaddeus met his fate in the City of Ararat, Armenia. During his pilgrimage many people became his disciples and followed his teaching. When he reached Armenian lands, local priests found out about him. They didn’t want to have a spreader of a new religion in their lands, so it was decided that Jude should be tracked and killed. St Thaddeus suffered a terrible death: he was subjected to cruel torture, then he was crucified and his body was pierced by numerous arrows.

Relic of Saint Jude is now placed in the St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and St. Elijah’s Monastery in Odessa.

Who can address Saint Thaddeus in prayer?

By the means of prayer a person can communicate with God and the saints: ask them for help and protection, thank them for all the good he has and find repose and hope. It is considered that every Saint is responsible for a specific aspect of Life: healing, family happiness and so on. St Jude Prayer helps those who:

  1. Got confused and cannot find a way out of a particular situation.
  2. Looks for consolation and help in dire times.
  3. To get rid of the defamation.
  4. To heal a terrible sickness.

Before praying to the Apostle-martyr, calm down, don’t get distracted and concentrate on the text of the prayer. Believe in everything you pronounce and be sincere. Then, your prayer will be heard.