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The Icon Of Jesus Christ Pantocrator. Buy The Consecrated Replica Of The Byzantine Image

The Icon of Jesus Christ Pantocrator and its meaning

Icons play a crucial role in the daily lives of Christians. We turn to them in the moments of trouble when our burden is too heavy to bear. One of the most valuable images in the sacred corner of Orthodox believers is the icon of Jesus Christ Pantocrator.

This is a very specific depiction of Christ, disclosing his dual nature. On one hand, it shows him as a human because his face is asymmetrical. It reminds us that He once was a living being and walked on earth like everyone else. On the other hand, the word “Pantocrator” tells us about his position and power since this word is translated from Greek as “almighty”.

In Catholic and Orthodox churches, the image of Christ Pantocrator always occupies the central part of the building. A painting, mosaic, or fresco can be placed in the biggest dome, nave vault, or half-dome of the apse. Thus, the significance of His personality is highlighted.

The description of this image

No one knows when the first icons appeared but it’s believed that they reflect the true appearance of Jesus. The earliest Byzantine painting in this style dates back to the 6th century. Visitors of St Catherine’s Monastery at Sinai have a unique opportunity to say their prayers in front of the oldest icon of Christ Pantocrator. This depiction is a prototype of all other images of Jesus Christ.

What is so important about this depiction? First of all, the hands of the Savior are depicted according to all rules of iconography. With His right hand, He makes a blessing gesture, which grants Lord’s help to every prayer. In His left hand, he holds the open New Testament, which implies the good news of salvation.

Although the original image is made in gloomy and dark shades, more colors were added to older icons. Modern reproductions are covered with a thin layer of silver – to protect the precious icon and keep it in an excellent state for generations. You can buy a consecrated icon of the Almighty online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Information about the item

The icon of Jesus Christ Pantocrator is usually placed in the center of your sacred corner. You can address Our Lord whenever you need his protection and help. Learning a special prayer would be great but simple words coming from your heart will be heard too. The Almighty already knows everything we have in our minds and souls. It’s impossible to hide our real intentions from Him.

With the icon of the Almighty in front of your eyes, you can pray for everything you need:

  • deliverance from sinful thoughts and temptations;
  • ask for forgiveness;
  • pray for mental and physical health;
  • seek protection from troubles and enemies;
  • implore Him to strengthen your spirit during hard times.

You can buy the majestic reproduction of Jesus Christ Pantocrator in the Andcross Art Store online 

https://andcross.eu The size of the item: 5.12” (width) x 7.10” (length) – or 13 x 18 cm. The image is covered with a 999 fine silver plate and has a practical wooden stand at the back.

Buy the icon of Jesus Christ Pantocrator

It is important to turn to Our Lord not only with a request but also with words of gratitude. If you can’t go to the church as often as you’d like to, purchase the consecrated image of Christ the Savior. Our religious store offers handmade icons created by Christian artisans. Every product comes with a gift box.

Having the consecrated icon of Jesus Christ Pantocrator at home means getting powerful protection from Our Lord and the chance to always ask for help and deliverance from troubles. Frequent prayers to the Savior help to find peace and spiritual harmony.

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