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Types of crosses: what must a believer know?

Orthodox cross

A cross is a religious symbol, that appeared long ago. It has a history of more than 2000 years. The cross is a divine beginning of every believer. This symbol is recognized by people all over the world. There are a lot of types of crosses and their meanings.

It is important to mention that the word “cross” is often related to the word “crucifix”. In fact, they mean the same. The main symbol that can be seen in it is Jesus Christ. But there some differences in them. They depend upon the direction of Christianity. These religious elements can have various forms and performances.

How many types of crucifixes exist?

As we speak about different performances, it is hard to count how many of them exist. In general, they can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Jesus Style;
  2. Celtic;
  3. Upside Down Performance;
  4. Christian;
  5. Wooden;
  6. Orthodox;
  7. Jerusalem;
  8. Coptic;
  9. Templar;
  10. Tau.

Let’s have a look at these cross styles from a more detailed angle. The first type is the most widespread. It is characterized by the image of God on it. It is a typical element on the religious thing among the Christians. This performance is used in different spheres. It can be found in literature, art and even cinema. Among all the types of Christian crosses, this one is the most popular and religious.

A Celtic variant is less widespread than Jesus cross. But at the same time, it found its popularity in the UK. At the beginning of the 5th century, this religious element firstly appeared in England, and then in some other countries like Scotland and Ireland. The peculiar feature of it is a ring inside. This type is rather popular in fashion.

Upside Down performance is one of the most unusual crosses styles. The appearance of this version is connected with the name of Saint Peter. As it is known, he was crucified upside down, and due to this fact, such performance appeared.

Different kinds of crosses with various meanings

There are some types of elements that are quite interesting, due to their meaning and performance. Wooden performance is quite symbolic. If we remember the story of the crucifixion, Jesus Christ was crucified on the wooden cross. It symbolizes a strong belief and devotion to Christianity.

The orthodox variant has different versions of it. The most popular is the Russian Orthodox performance. The main difference of it, is the presence of three horizontal beams. Among the most unusual cross types, one should be always mentioned. It is called Jerusalem. The composition of it includes five crosses: one as the main, and four others that surround it. The story of its appearance dates back to the Middle Ages. It is used as a symbol of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Coptic has a rather decorative style. It is shown with lots of flowers and arms. There are 12 points on it. The number of them corresponds with the number of Apostles. Every believer knows that there were twelve of them. Templar variant was used mainly by knights in the Middle Ages. And the last version is Tau. It is shown in the form of the letter T. Its history has more than 2000 years.

Why do we have so many variants?

Different directions of Christianity were the reasons why so many religious symbols appeared. Different types of crosses are among them. Every approach in Christianity wants to emphasize its importance. Due to this fact, they made up some unique symbols. Different crosses are the results of their struggle. Nevertheless, all these variants have the same meanings. They show that a person believes in God. No matter what type of it he is wearing, he is under strong protection.