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What is the difference between Catholic and Protestant churches

What is the difference between Catholic and Protestant churches

Christianity is, first of all, a monotheistic religion, as all believers worship one God. However, there are still differences, and they relate primarily to the different branches. This concerns mainly Protestants and Catholics. The difference between Catholic and Protestant lies not only in terms of the religious ceremonies, but extends much further. Before a believer decides to join one of the confessions, it is necessary to find out where exactly the differences lie.

How did Protestant and Catholic views originate?

If you are determined to find the answer to this question, then you have to turn to history. First of all, the appearance of the Catholic Church is associated with the Pope. The first Pope was St. Pin, since that time the Papacy has been counting down.

It is known from history that the Catholics appeared during the Roman Empire, which was led by Constantine. The Bible was amended during that period. This was done in order to interpret the creeds in favor of the powerful Roman Empire. Whereas the primary goal of the religion was to create monotheism, so Christ had to be placed at the head of everything.

History of emergence of Protestantism

Just like in Catholicism, there was also a leader. He was Martin Luther, who expressed disregard toward the performance of duties by priests. Despite the fact that there are such opinions that Martin Luther made an attempt to reform the church, in fact, this is not entirely true. He remained a representative of Catholicism until the end of his days.

Most of all he expressed his protest against priests who misinterpreted the concept of indulgence. Many tried to turn this religious practice into their own material profit, which especially annoyed Martin Luther. His desire was to cleanse the church of dirt.

The main differences in beliefs

First of all, there is a necessity to explain the difference between Catholic and Protestant Bible. Although in this case it is not entirely correct to talk about the difference, since the same sacred book is given for believers of both branches of Christianity; each confession still interprets Bible in its own way.

However, there are still slight differences, and one of them is that the Protestant Bible consists of 66 books, while the Catholic version includes 77 books. In general, differences in beliefs can be summarized in the following concepts:

  1. Protestantism opposes a number of sacraments, which they perceive as rites.
  2. Adherents of Protestantism never pray to saints, including Saint Mary.
  3. The lack of monasteries and the monastic denomination itself. However, a person can simply maintain chastity.
  4. The structure of the church is different from the traditional Orthodox. The arch of the building is crowned with a steeple, not a dome.

In general, despite the existing contradictions and different interpretations, all branches of Christianity recognize a single deity. No matter who you are, a Catholic, or a Protestant, in any case, you carry a saving faith for humans.

At the beginning of the XXI century, there were about 800 million protestants in the world, and their number keep growing year by year.

Today, about 100 states consider protestant ideas as dominant in their country. Such a great number of adherents is caused by the long history of this confession, since the foundation of Christianity had been laid by the Roman Catholic beliefs. Furthermore, a number of churches have the state status in the various countries and are actively supported by the state; some have even achieved the status of an “official church”.