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Mysteries of the rosary: what are they?

rosary mysteries

A lot of people know that rosary is an important part of their life. But very few of them really know what it means. They don’t know how to pray it either. Due to its fact, it is vitally important to specify the rosary mysteries. When people are going to meditate on it, they want to achieve self-awareness and confidence in their actions. Everybody must follow his own way of meditation. There is a brief overview of the mysteries of the rosary.

How many of them exist?

If we pay attention to the number of these religious elements, we will get to know that the number of them is 20. They are:

  1. Joyous;
  2. Sorrowful;
  3. Glorious;

At the beginning of their history, there were only three of them. And the latest was introduced by Pope John Paul II. All groups have special concepts that are related to Jesus and Mary’s lives. It is a concept that is sometimes called “fruit”. These elements must lead a person to the right actions in life and arise inspiration in humans’ souls.

The notion of mysteries

Every group of christian rosary mysteries is associated with different events in the life of the saints. Joyous mysteries are focused on Jesus’s Incarnation. They include such fruits as humility, love to the neighbour, spiritual poverty, purity of body and mind and obedience. So, they are the first group of christian mysteries. These mysteries also reveal the story of Jesus appearance, when Mary knew that she was going to become a mother. Poverty, in this case, is connected with Jesus, when he appeared and put himself just in front of the poverty, wars and mess.

Then comes the second group that is called the sorrowful. They are connected with the death of God. Every mystery of the rosary performs here its own fruit. It can be mortification, pardoning of injuries and others.

Mysteries of the holy rosary that are associated with glorious events are connected with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is connected with such fruits as faith, hope and others.

The latest group of fruits

Today’s rosary mysteries have four groups. The latest was added at the beginning of the 21st century. When they were added, the society didn’t like new mysteries. The believers thought that they are not necessary, they were rejected first of all. Nevertheless, today’s rosary mystery has already four groups. The pious thought that they changed the right relations between the number of mysteries and the psalms corresponding to them.

Every mystery of the rosary is important for a religious person. He must know the rules on how to pray on them. There are even special days when a believer can pray to this or that rosary. All the people who are devoted to the church know these days and strictly follow these rules. If we ask them what are the mysteries of the rosary, they will answer that it is a special ceremony.

It is a special way of meditation, when a person puts his thoughts and ideas together to realize his presence in the current world. But at the same time, they are rather widespread among other religions. They can also be found in Buddhism. In Hinduism and Islam, they also exist. But they have special meanings in each form of religious presentation.

For example, in Islam a typical rosary consists of 100 beads. They include three groups. In Hinduism there are 108 beads. So, the number of them varies but not greatly. It proves the fact that all the religious directions are connected and have the common roots. The notion of rosaries is important, as a lot of young people are trying to be religious, but they don’t know the simplest notions. They must be taught about their history and the way to pray on them.